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The town of Delphi and its holy monuments lie at the bottom of two gigantic rocks of Parnassus named Fedriades. These two rocks offer a peculiar and incomparable beauty to Delphi s landscape. 
The long mountain Kirfis is all you ever see opposite the rocks and the Plistos river flows through a valley planted with olive trees. The civilization flourished here from the 9th century b.C. to 83 b.C.

Osios Loukas

It is one of the bigger and better preserved monasteries of the 11th century in Greece. We should as well mention it is also one of the most precious samples of the Byzantine art. It was founded during the 10th century by Saint Loukas (known as the “righteous”) from Stryra. It is situated in a magnificent place only 10 Km from Distomo. 
The architectural style of the two temple as well as their nice decoration and their murals have provoked the admiration and the interest of many worshipers and later tourists and explores. This is the reason why the monastery of St Loukas possesses a particular position in the studies of the Byzantine art. 
In 1986 Vaticano gave back at the monastery St Loukas relics from where it had been spirited away in order to be protected during the period of the turkey occupation


Galaxidi is situated in the western part of the bay with rich architecture, proper street planning and an excellent view of the bay and the stately Parnassus. Beautiful, picturesque harboure with a long lasting history and tradition at shopbuilding. Walk in the narrow streets of the town with the two storied mansions and the taverns. Visit the St. Nikolas church with the unique engraved on wood screen which was made by artists from Epyrus. You shouldn’t also miss the naval museum where ship designs, maps, marine pictures and rifles from the 1821 are exposed. Enjoy food at the picturesque taverns at the harbour, drink your coffee at the cafeterias or at the pastry shops. Enjoy also an evening out.
Shoul occasion arise visit Galaxidi during the last Monday of the Carnival. There you will have the chance to participate in “alevromoutzouromata” (people throw flowr to each other), custom which reminds us the Dionysus time. That day people dance and sing a lot.


At the slope of mountain Parnassos and at a 940 m altitude is situated the picturesque town of Arachova, which is one of the most popular places of residence for skiers. 
Visitors choose Arachova for its beauty, for the traditional stone made houses, the narrow streets and the wonderful view of the plain. It is widely known for its woven carpets, the dry wine and the traditional cheese ‘’formaela’’. It is characterized by the exciting night life. There are many night clubs, bars, cafeterias, and traditional greek taverns where you can eat the most delicious side dishes. It is worth visiting the Byzantine church of St. George and if you happen to visit Arachova during the spring don’t miss the local fair which takes place at the 23 of April (festival of Saint George). During that fair local people who are dressed up with traditional clothes celebrate old greek customs for three days. 

E4 trekking path

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