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Safety Rules

With a sense of responsibility and respect for our guests and staff, we apply the new protocols of strict hygiene rules set by the World Health Organization.


The above in combination with the natural advantages of Chrissa Camping, make the ideal alternative proposal for summer holidays or short getaways in a protected and safe environment.

• Isolated location at a distance of 8km from Delphi and 2Km outside the village of Chrisso.

• Area of ​​20 acres with pines, orchards and flowers.

• Natural distance between campsites, bungalows and rooms.

• Large outdoor common areas.


Our health and safety policy

Hygiene standards follow the new strict protocols for the safety of our visitors and staff. In addition to further training of our staff, we ensure that all the necessary actions are implemented daily with the use of cleaning products of strict specifications, adoption of new technologies of disinfection of rooms and public areas with increased frequency, installation of hand sanitizer stations in many places, special signs.

New operating procedures


1. Arrival - Departure

• Modification of Check in / Check out time (out 11:00 / in 15:00) so that the room is thoroughly disinfected and the natural ventilation of the space will be sufficient. We try to keep the room empty for a day.

• The use of credit / debit cards in all transactions is recommended.

• Parking depends on the location of your room, to avoid overcrowding.


2. Room Hygiene

• Prior to your arrival, your room has been thoroughly cleaned and further disinfected with a steam cleaner, while special attention is given to the cleaning of frequent contact spots (like door knobs, switches,  handles, etc.).

• Decorative items and pillows have been removed from all rooms to further serve the disinfection process.

• The kettle supply has been withdrawn from all rooms. In case you wish any of the above please contact the Reception.

• All information / information leaflets will now be available to you in electronic form (sending via email, viber, etc). The material will be available in printed form at the Reception.

3. Communal Areas

• Antiseptic stations have been installed indoors, while outside there are many taps with water to facilitate hand washing and antiseptic.

• In all common areas furniture are daily cleaned  and disinfectant is used on all the high risk spots (door knobs, etc.).

• Public furniture has been reduced to avoid overcrowding.

• Shared toilets are regularly disinfected.


4. Breakfast and Restaurant

• Breakfast and meals are offered outdoors on the building terrace.

• In the restaurant area the entry / exit points are indicated to avoid overcrowding.

• Breakfast and meals are a la carte


5. General Principles

• In case of sudden malaise or covid-19-related symptoms, please stay in your room and notify Reception immediately.

• The use of a mask by our staff in all areas  is defined based on the instructions from the competent bodies.

• For security reasons, non-residents are not allowed to enter Chrissa Camping.

• For reasons of public health protection, a file with the details of the visitors is kept.

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